Closed Captions Troubleshooting on a Roku player

If you are watching a full episode on The CW Roku channel, and the closed captions are jumbled, not in-sync with the visual/audio, or do not show up at all, please turn off the closed captions setting and then turn it back on. Allow a few seconds for the closed captions to sync up. [How do I turn on/off closed captions?]

If the issue persists, 

  1. Go back to the main menu of The CW channel.
  2. Select the show you were watching.
  3. Select the episode you were watching.
  4. Resume the episode or start over the episode with closed captions enabled.  
  5. Please allow a few seconds for the closed captions to sync up.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please submit feedback using the form below and make sure to provide the following information:

  • Device used (e.g. Roku TCL TV, Roku Express)
  • Series and episode title/number during which the closed captions are not functioning properly
  • Description of the issue you are experiencing with the closed captions (i.e. very delayed, jumbled letters, etc.)
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