There's video playing but no audio on my Roku player.

If you are experiencing audio issues while using The CW or CW Seed channel on your Roku player, try the following steps:

Check Volume Control

Make sure the volume on your TV is not at its lowest setting or muted.

Check Cable Connections

  • Make sure your HDMI/Optical connectors are plugged in.
  • Check for any breakage in the cable.
  • Reverse the ends of the cable or try using a different HDMI cable.

Update Your Software

We release new versions of our app regularly to fix known issues. Go to Settings > System > System Update on your Roku player to download the most updated version of our app.

Restart the Channel

  1. Highlight the CW or CW Seed channel and press * on the Roku Remote.
  2. Select Close.
  3. Relaunch the channel.

Check the Audio Setting on your Roku Player

  1. From the Roku Home screen, select Settings > Audio > Audio Mode > Stereo.
  2. Resume your video.

Delete and Reinstall The CW or CW Seed Channel

  1. Highlight The CW or CW Seed channel and press * on the Roku Remote.
  2. Select Remove Channel.
  3. Reinstall the channel.


For additional troubleshooting steps on Roku, see Basic Troubleshooting for Roku.

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