There's video playing but no audio on my Xbox One.

If you are experiencing audio issues while using The CW App on Xbox One, try the following steps:

Check TV Volume Control

Make sure the volume on your TV is not at its lowest setting or muted.

Check Cable Connections

  • Make sure your HDMI/Optical connectors are plugged in.
  • Check for any breakage in the cable.
  • Reverse the ends of the cable or try using a different HDMI cable.

Restart The CW App

  1. Press the Xbox button followed by the Menu button  
  2. Select Close Application.   
  3. Relaunch The CW App. 

Check the Audio Setting on Xbox One

  1. Go to Settings > Display & Sound, scroll to the right and then select HDMI audio.
  2. Set HDMI audio to 5.1 uncompressed.
  3. Next, select Bitstream Format and then select Dolby Digital.

Update Your Software

Having the latest OS on your device ensures you are getting the optimal experience from The CW App. Open the guide on your Xbox One and select Settings > All Settings > Console Info & Updates to check for new updates.

Delete and Reinstall The CW App

  1. From Xbox Home, navigate to My Games & Apps. 
  2. Highlight The CW App and press the Menu button. 
  3. Select Uninstall. 
  4. Navigate to the Xbox Store to reinstall The CW App. 


For additional troubleshooting steps on Xbox One, see Basic Troubleshooting for Xbox One.

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