The video keeps freezing or gets stuck loading on my Roku player.


If the video keeps freezing or gets stuck loading:

  1. Go back to the show page.
  2. Re-select your episode, and resume the episode. 

If the issue persists, please try these steps here: Basic Troubleshooting for Roku.


Update June 2017: If you are using a Roku player and experience the video freezing, fast forwarding, and/or a static sound coming up, our tech team is aware of this issue that is affecting select players and is working on a fix. For now, please try the troubleshooting steps below: 

  • Delete The CW channel
  • Check for a Roku system update: From the main screen of your Roku player, go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now
  • Install any new software that is available. You may also want to restart your Roku device: Settings > System > Power > System restart.
  • Add The CW channel back

If you continue to have the same issue after attempting the steps above, then please use the link below to submit a request. Our support team will review and contact you if needed.

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