How do I report an issue with the on-air broadcast of a CW show?

To report issues with the broadcast of a CW show, please use our station finder to find your local CW station who can help resolve your issue. 

Issues that are to be reported to your local station and/or service provider include: 

  • Another program, such as a sporting event, was shown instead of a CW show
  • Closed captions were not correct or not working when trying to watch the broadcast of a CW show
  • Questions about local channels that show CW programming
  • Requests or feedback about programming that is not shown during The CW network's programming block

The CW's programming block is Sunday - Friday from 8pm-10pm ET/PT or 7pm-9pm CT.

If you are inquiring about the on-air broadcast of a show that airs outside of these hours, please contact your local station which handles other programming. 

If the concerns cannot be resolved by the local station, cable system, or satellite company, you can contact The CW directly.

P: 818.977.2500 (during office hours)

For The CW Network, Code of Federal Regulations Section 73.682 of Title 47 CALM Act Certification, see attached PDF document below.

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