I'm receiving "You've encountered an error" messages while using the app.

If the videos won't load or present an error message:

  1. Go back to the show page. 
  2. Select your episode again, and resume the episode. 

If the issue persists, please try these steps here: Basic Troubleshooting for Android Phone and Tablet.

If those steps don't resolve your issues, please try temporarily disconnecting from WiFi to see if the content will playback over your mobile data connection.

  • Update September 2020: If you are using a Wi-Fi router with built-in ad blocking features, you may need to disable that feature in order to view our videos. Every router has different instructions, so please consult your router’s instructions.

  • Update February 2021: If you are using a VPN service, please visit This Article.

  • Update March 2021: If you are using an app or service that blocks trackers and ad servers, you'll need to disable that in order to use our app. If you'd like to disable tracking, please use our "Do Not Sell" option within the app (Settings > Legal). 

If you're still having issues viewing content in the app after trying these solutions, please submit a detailed support ticket and include your device info, Android OS version, CW app version, and any other relevant information.

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