Why aren't older episodes of my favorite shows available on The CW App?

The CW app and site are the only places you can watch new episodes for free during the season.

Due to streaming rights for some of our shows, we're only allowed to stream the five most-recently-aired episodes. Once five episodes from a current season are available, the oldest episode will be removed each time a new one is added. However, if an older episode of your favorite show re-airs on TV, it will become available to stream on The CW app as part of the five-episode offering. Because we follow the on-air schedule that may include re-runs, the episodes may not always be in order. These series include All American and All American: Homecoming

You can follow the on-air schedule at cwtv.com/schedule to see what episodes are airing/streaming each week. 

Most of our newer series have every episode of the current season available to stream free, the morning after they air on broadcast. 

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